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Sky Television

This ad is designed to encourage companies and ad agencies to consider Bunting's Window in-flight video presentations as a vehicle for reaching "high-flyers": influential decision-makers, who are well represented among the in-flight audience.

How to catch the high-flyers.
SkyTV High Flyer Print Ad
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Finally, an in-flight demo that gets everybody's attention.
Sky TV Print Ad

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Bunting's Window" is an in-flight video presentation that showcases companies in three-minute features, for a fee. This ad was created to communicate the fact that the presentation captures the attention of a captive audience.

This ad is the first in a campaign to increase awareness of Sky Television's 3-minute in-flight video features, hosted by well-known technology spokesman Mark Bunting under the name "Bunting's Window." The purpose is to convince media buyers and company decision-makers to feature their companies, products or services on the show. Sky Television is a Ziff-Davis (ZDTV) affiliate.

Give this man three minutes and he'll make your company famous.
Sky Television Ad

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