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Symantec Internet Tools
This ad was designed to evoke empathy with non-technical professionals having difficulty designing web pages - and offer Symantec's Visual Page as an easy solution.
Here, we appealed to the "rebel" streak in Java programmers by portraying Microsoft as the 'big fish" who despite its teeth, trailed Symantec in Java programming tools. This ad elicited the highest readership in the magazines in which it ran.
Designed to lend credibility to Symantec's Java development tools, this ad featured an endorsement from one of Java's creators. Through research, we had learned that programmers care little for magazine awards and reviews; it was the opinions of the Java superstars that mattered.
This ad invited programmers to catch the wave of Rapid Application Development (RAD) - using Symantec's RAD tools.
This was a difficult challenge, in that the mission was to describe a solution for both creating and deploying database applications. We chose a simple image: the light bulb representing "creating" and the plug representing "deploying" (connecting) the application. The ad's surveyed recall rate of 88% ranked among the highest in the magazine's history.