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Guy Lyman Advertising, Inc. :30 Television "Bleepin' Happy"

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Video: Tom Peters stands in a box the middle of a busy city sidewalk. Businessmen and women are passing on both sides, oblivious to his presence as he expounds about his beliefs on the future of the job market.
Tom Peters: If you're not happy with your bleepin’ job, then do us a bleepin’ favor: find some bleepin’ thing that you would rather be doing! Some bleepin’ thing that you would love to be doing. And then you’ll find that you’re a whole lot bleepin’ happier and you may have one fabulously huge bleepin’ idea that will change your bleepin’ life. We’re only gonna be around for a short while, and then we’re gone for a long bleepin’ time.
Tag: When you love what you do, you’re alive.
Credits: Guy Lyman, Creative Director
with Dean Noble and David Jenkins as freelance creatives
Director: Kevin Kerslake, Gigantic Productions
Producer: Will McDonald