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Guy Lyman Advertising, Inc. :30 Television "Epitaph"

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Video: Tom Peters is walking in an old, quaint cemetery. He continues to walk through until the end of the spot, talking about his beliefs on the future of the job market. The camera pauses on tombstones as he continues on. One tombstone is marked with the word "Competent."
Tom Peters: Here I lie. I was never really very good at anything, but man, was I competent. I hate that word competent! Itís the year 2000! And the whole notion of a job where the most you can hope for is to be competent, really stinks! I want to be cool! I want to be dead! I donít want to be competent! I just canít imagine an epitaph that reads "Joe Blow, A Competent Fellow." Way to go Joe! Good 60 years!
Tag: When you love what you do, youíre alive.
Credits: Guy Lyman, Creative Director
with Dean Noble and David Jenkins as freelance creatives
Director: Kevin Kerslake, Gigantic Productions
Producer: Will McDonald