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Guy Lyman Advertising, Inc. :30 Television "Icon Woman"

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Video: We open on a deserted office space, full of cubicles. We see a young woman packing up her cubicle. We pan up to follow Tom Peters as he walks around the office, talking about his beliefs on making a difference. As he walks, Tom pops red balloons that happen to be strung from office chairs, representing the traditional mode of working.
Tom Peters: This, ladies and gentlemen, is our new hero, Icon Woman.
She is totally turned on by her work. The work matters.
She is in your face.
She thinks that screw-ups are as normal as breathing.
She’s CEO of her own life.
She is determined to make a difference.
And she will not stay unless she can make a difference.
Say, "goodbye" folks, this is the New World Order.
Tag: When you love what you do, you’re alive.
Credits: Guy Lyman, Creative Director
with Dean Noble and David Jenkins as freelance creatives
Director: Kevin Kerslake, Gigantic Productions
Producer: Will McDonald