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ANNCR: jobs dot com presents best-selling business author Tom Peters with some important career advice.
TOM PETERS: Meet our workplace hero, ladies and gentlemen. She got her new job on the Web. She is totally turned on by her work and committed to it. The work matters and she is in your face. She is an adventurer. Above all, she is CEO of her own life. She thinks screw-ups are as normal as breathing. She is not GOD, but she is determined to make a difference. She will not SETTLE for any job where she canNOT make a difference fast. And if you donít see a little of yourself in her then move over because you are in her headlights and she is moving FAST. Itís a new world, ladies and gentlemen. You will be distinct or you will be EXTINCT.
ANNCR: Now it's easier than ever to get your career on a winning track. Visit the all-new jobs dot com web site for great career advice and thousands of new job openings. Go to jobs dot com or use Internet key word "jobs". Jobs dot com, when you love what you do, you're alive.