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Resumail "Get a Job" :60R Texas
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SFX: (bar/restaurant sounds in background)
Jim: Hey, here's to you, man. I can't believe you got that job. And all that money!
SFX: (their beer bottles clink)
Bill: So why aren't you looking for something better?
Jim: You kidding? I've been mailing and e-mailing resumes for months.
Bill: Mailing and e-mailing? Jim, companies don't like paper resumes...and e-mail resumes look like garbage.
Jim: So how'd you apply?
Bill: On the Internet's Resumail Network. That's where more top Texas companies do their recruiting than anywhere else on the Net.
Jim: (dejectedly) Sounds complicated.
Bill: Listen, just go to jobs 98 dot com. Resumail Network automatically finds the job openings that match what you're looking for. When you see one you like, just click a button and your resume goes directly to the company.
Jim: And they actually look at it?
Bill: I'm telling you, they prefer it over resumes sent any other way. And it's free!
Jim: Free?! What was it, jobs 98 dot com?
Bill: Yeah, www dot jobs 98 dot com. Hey where ya going?
Jim: Where do you think? To get a new job!
VO: A better job is waiting for you right now - on the Resumail Network, where the most jobs are. Visit jobs 98 dot com today! That's www dot jobs 98 dot com!

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