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CyberMedia Uninstaller "Disk Space" Radio 60
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VO (serious, grave, earnest voice):
This is an urgent plea to the parents out there. Those of you who haven't faced up to the nightmare waiting for your kids . . . on the Internet. The ugly side of the Internet. A world of sex, and filth, and the kind of people who should be locked up somewhere, but aren't. You've read about it, you've heard about it. But you haven't done anything to protect your own kids. And if they use a computer, it's just a matter of time before the garbage finds them. Unless you do something about it. Now. Pick up the phone and order Disk Tracy. The award-winning software that puts a barrier between your kids and the things they shouldn't see. The people they shouldn't meet. Letting you monitor Internet activity. Call 1-888-70-WATCH to get Disk Tracy on sale for only $34.95, satisfaction guaranteed. We've made it affordable for every family, because no home should be without it. Call 1-888-70-WATCH to make the Internet safe for your kids. That's 1-800-70-W-A-T-C-H .