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CyberMedia "First Aid" :60R
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SFX: A man's blood-curdling scream, fast footsteps, crash of a window, scream tails off as man falls and falls . . . )
VO: Another PC user bites the dust. Defeated by a software problem he just couldn't fix. And to think . . . all he needed was First Aid from CyberMedia. Already used by over three million people to fix their software problems automatically. That's right, First Aid software automatically finds and fixes problems before anything bad happens. Putting an end to those unsolvable error messages. Devastating crashes. And lost data. First Aid fixes multimedia glitches, software and hardware conflicts, Web connection hassles - just about everything that can go wrong. In presenting its prestigious Editors' Choice Award, PC Magazine said First Aid "comes to the rescue of Windows 95 users." Let First Aid rescue you from computer problems - now, while it's on sale at software retailers everywhere. Act fast and take advantage of our additional rebate offer. That's First Aid - on sale today!