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CyberMedia "Oil Change" :60R
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SFX: (Jalopy sounds: chugging, banging engine)
Dave: Hey Bob, what's wrong with your computer?
Bob: You tell me.
Dave: Hmmm...mind if I take a look under the hood?
SFX: (creak as "hood" is lifted)
Yep, just as I thought. It's not your computer, it's all this out-of-date software, Bob. You need an Oil Change.
Bob: On my computer?
Dave: I mean Oil Change software from CyberMedia. It updates your system automatically. New software updates, patches, hardware drivers, Internet plug-ins, all the stuff you need to keep your computer up-to-date and running right.
Bob: Sounds complicated.
Dave: You kidding? (SFX: keyboard clicking sounds) Just load Oil Change on your computer and click the Update button. (SFX: "Time passing" music, goes underneath the following: ) Oil Change checks what software you have on your computer, then finds the latest updates for you on the Internet. You just point and click to install 'em!
SFX: ("DING!")
Bob: Wow, that was easy!
Dave: Told you so. Why don't you ...start 'er up, Bob?
SFX: (VROOM of engine)
Bob: Unbelievable. It's running
Dave: Like a well-oiled machine, maybe?
Bob: Whoa, you read my mind!
Dave: It's an open book, Bob.
VO: Update your software automatically with Oil Change. Available at software retailers everywhere for only thirty-nine ninety-five. Get to a store now and take advantage of our additional rebate offer. That's Oil Change - on sale today!