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Resumail "Got a Job" :60R
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SFX: outdoor traffic sounds, then car door shuts and car engine revs as car takes off; Bill has jumped into Jim's car
Bill: Okay Jim, this better be good. You know I don't like to miss Jerry Springer.
Jim: C'mon, man, I just wanted to buy you dinner. You know, you got me my new job.
Bill: I did? How'd I do that?
Jim: Remember when you told me about looking for a better job on the Internet, at jobs 98 dot com?
Bill: Yeah, I remember.
Jim: Well, I blew off mailing and e-mailing resumes and went to jobs 98 dot com, just like you said.
Bill: Uh-huh.
Jim: I put in the kind of position and salary I wanted, and boom: there must have been six or seven good matches right there on the Resumail Network.
Bill: Pretty cool, id'n it?
Jim: Yeah, it was easy. I clicked the button to zap my resume directly to E-Tech, and three days later I had a new job! Funny thing is, they had ignored my resumes before.
Bill: Like I told you, companies prefer Resumail over paper or garbled e-mail resumes. So . . what exactly are they paying you?
Jim: You don't want to know.
Bill: Wait a minute: you weren't supposed to go get a higher paying job than me.
Jim: Too late now, old pal.
Bill: Get out of the car.
Jim: What? We're going 60 miles an hour?!
Bill: Get out of the car . . . .
VO: A better job is waiting for you right now - on the Resumail Network, where the most jobs are. Visit jobs 98 dot com today! That's www dot jobs 98 dot com! (alt: or AOL keyword jobs 98)