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RealAudio 60-Second Radio "Productivity Bazooka"
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ANNCR: jobs dot com presents best-selling business author Tom Peters with some important career advice.
TOM PETERS: For 75 years, for 100 years, the productivity bazooka has been aimed directly at the blue collar worker and now it's aimed at ME and it's aimed at YOU. The yogurt is hitting the fan my friends. 90%, nine zero percent of white collar jobs as we know them today will be destroyed or transformed beyond recognition in the next 10 years. In short, there ain't any room whatsoever for people who coast. Hey, if you're not seriously re-thinking what you're up to, what you stand for on this planet in the year 2000, then when? What is going to wake you up? You need a plan. You need to write a new script and you need to start NOW.
ANNCR: Now it's easier than ever to get your career on a winning track. Visit the all-new jobs dot com web site for great career advice and thousands of new job openings. Go to jobs dot com or use Internet key word "jobs". Jobs dot com, when you love what you do, you're alive.