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RealAudio 60-Second Radio "Old Guard"
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ANNCR: jobs dot com presents best-selling business author Tom Peters with some important career advice.
TOM PETERS: This is an INSANELY great time to be starting a career. It's a brand new, wild, wired world, and the old guard needs your young blood. They need your energy. They need your youth. They need your fearlessness. And you will find them and they will find you, ON THE WEB. You'll submit your resume on the Web. You’ll be recruited on the Web. You'll be hired on the Web. You’ll be trained on the Web. You’ll create, manage and arbitrate projects with virtual teams on the Web. It's a new world and it is yours for the taking. And there are more cool jobs out there right now than there are people to fill them. Dive in, the water is great!
ANNCR: Now it's easier than ever to get your career on a winning track. Visit the all-new jobs dot com web site for great career advice and thousands of new job openings. Go to jobs dot com or use Internet key word "jobs". Jobs dot com, when you love what you do, you're alive.